Does Evolution Explain Everything? – Part 2

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Does Evolution Explain Everything?

As we saw last week, Cosmos host, Neil deGrasse Tyson stated that because of the wonders of natural selection and evolution, there’s no need to think that there needs to have been an intelligent designer who created life in all of it’s amazing forms.  He’s basically saying, “Trust us evolutionists, evolution explains everything and we can assure you that there was no need for a creator.”  But does evolution explain everything?


Last week I mentioned that atheist Richard Dawkins says that evolution by natural selection is “Easy!”  He compared it to an easy creep up the gentle slope on the back side of Mount Improbable.  I talked about how I think it’s far from as easy as he suggests and that that slope is really much steeper.  This week I read something that drives that home.  Evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala admits that, from a Darwinian perspective, the probability of intelligent life arising from bacteria is less than one chance in 101,000,000.  I don’t know about you but that slope’s a little too steep for me.

Just a Couple of Unexplained Details

missingLet’s say, though, for the sake of argument that evolution by natural selection really is as easy as some evolutionists suggest. Tyson, in the second episode of Cosmos admitted that there are a couple of minor details that they can’t explain by natural (un-supernatural) means.  Again, they have it all figured out and we can trust them that there’s no need for a creator, but there are a couple of minor details they can’t explain yet.  What are those minor details?  Just how the universe came into existence and how life began!

That’s right, by natural means, not requiring a creator, they have no idea how the universe came to exist out of nothing, and they have no idea how life on earth began.  But other than those minor details, they’ve got it all figured out.  That’s kind of like the detectives on a murder case having it all figured out, except for the minor detail of who did it.

They have no idea how these key things happened, but they’re sure of one thing, it wasn’t God.  That’s the one place they won’t go.  It’s ruled out.  Not because the evidence rules it out (the fine-tuning of the universe and our planet for life points to design), but because they’ve ruled it out before considering the evidence.

It Came from Out There

Some evolutionists theorize that life on earth came from outer space, whether intentionally placed here by extraterrestrials or arriving here by chance, perhaps on a comet.  The hypothesis is called panspermia.  But of course that doesn’t answer the question of how life began, it just moves the location of that beginning off of earth to somewhere else.  This just shows that some ideas are open for consideration and some aren’t.

Since there’s no way for us to know for sure how the universe came into existence and how life began, doesn’t it really come down to faith?  I don’t just mean a religious faith, I mean on both sides.  Those who believe that there is no supernatural and that everything can be explained by natural means have faith that some day a natural solution for the beginning of life and the universe will be found.  I and others believe that the appearance of the design of life and the universe aren’t just an appearance and that they do indeed point to a creator who designed it all.

What’s Easier for You to Believe?

faithFor me, the odds of it all coming about by chance are just too great and I don’t have enough faith to believe that.  It’s much easier for me to believe that a God of supreme intelligence and power made it all, including you and I.  What’s more, from other evidence I have presented in other posts, I believe that God has come to us in Jesus Christ, who died for us and rose again.

It’s not as though there are no hard questions for a Christian worldview to answer, there are some.  And it’s not as though there aren’t some implications of a Christian worldview that I struggle with, there are some.  But all things put together, for me, the Christian worldview is the one that’s most reasonable and it’s in Christ that I place my faith and trust.

What do you believe?

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