What Can We Tell About The Intelligent Designer?

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What Can We Tell About The Intelligent Designer?

I’ve written several posts now that talk about how what we see in the universe, and what we see on this planet and life on it in particular, points to an intelligent designer behind it.  From the incredible fine-tuning needed for life (against all odds) to the information found in our DNA, all of our experience and observation tells us that there must have been an intelligent designer behind it all, that brought it all about.  So is there anything about this intelligent designer that we can tell?  From what we see and know, what must this designer be like?



Just from the evidence and logic we can tell that this designer must be

  • Self-existent and outside of time, space and matter
    Since the designer created time, space and matter out of nothing (as both the Bible and the Big Bang Theory indicate) then the designer must be outside of time, space and matter.  The designer had to be in existence before time, space and matter came into being to cause them to come into existence.
  • Unimaginably powerful
    It would take a very great power to create everything out of nothing.
  • Supremely intelligent
    To create everything with the incredible fine-tuning and intricacy we see, the designer had to be amazingly intelligent.
  • Personal
    As the universe did not exist and the designer chose to bring it into existence, that means the designer made a choice.  That’s a characteristic of a person.  An impersonal force has no ability to make a choice.

Sounds Like God

As Frank Turek and Norman Geisler say, “These characteristics of the First Cause are exactly the characteristics theists ascribe to God. Again, these characteristics are not based on someone’s religion or subjective experience. They are drawn from the scientific evidence we have just reviewed…”

As they noted, these are the characteristics that Theists describe God with. This is the description of a Theistic God. A Pantheistic God does not fit the evidence. Pantheism says that God is impersonal and that he is the universe, that he is a part of space, time and matter.  But as we saw, something that is a part of space, time and matter could not have brought space, time and matter into existence.  This means that pantheistic religions do not fit the evidence.

Naturally atheism doesn’t fit the evidence either, as it says that there is nothing outside of space, time and matter. And so there is no cause for the universe under atheism. Only theistic religions actually fit the evidence of the universe’s existence.

Which Theistic God?

The evidence of the universe points to a Theistic God.  So what are the theistic religions?  The major theistic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  So then why do I believe in Christianity? I may go into this more in a future post, but when you take this and you add to it the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, then I believe that Christianity is the world view that best fits the reality of the scientific and historic evidence.

On top of that, when I placed my faith in Christ and asked him to be my savior and come into my life, my life was never the same again. I found forgiveness for my sins, a purpose to live for, and an amazing love that’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. And so while it’s not as though I never have any doubts, I can’t get away from the conclusion that Christianity is true. What do you believe?


Source: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist

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